Friday, 7 January 2011

Cake and Jam

Today has been a cake and jam sort of a day. Well it was really cold and what else is a girl to do?
I started off with the cake, although yesterday I had a go at some dairy free cupcakes as I have been asked to do some for a birthday and wasn't sure how they would turn out, so needed a practice. ...

They look fine and tasted ok but a little bit different in texture to the usual ones. Any tips greatly appreciated.
Today's cake was a birthday present from D to one of his friends. (who happens to be a girl) hence the Red Velvet and Roses job. He has just come back from the party where it seems to be much appreciated....

I tried to do the full presentation bit and came up with this...

Now for the jam. This turned out to be VERY high faff jam. I had been given Tessa Kiros's book, Apples for Jam at Christmas and it has a recipe for mandarin jam. It took ages to prepare the fruit and seemed to take longer than suggested to reach a set. But, this may have been down to Agnes the Aga having been used a lot today. From a first taste it is almost a cross between marmalade and jam, not too sweet and nicely citrusy.

I've used my new Moo Cards as little labels this time as I was sooooo excited when I got them and have been desperate to use them since they hit the doormat.
All of this activity has taken my mind off my arm but I'm getting a bit tired now so may have to calm down a bit tomorrow.


  1. What a lovely thoughtful present & wonderful looking. I'd love to do some Moo cards - maybe this is the year for it if I can figure out how !

  2. The Moo Card site is really easy to follow, let's face it I have managed and I'm not the world's best at computer stuff. You can upload your pictures from Picassa which you probably have an account for with your blog or from Flikr or even straight from your own computer. It takes a wee while but they let you choose up to 99 mages and I went for lots of images but just one or two of each. I suppose if you stick to fewer images it would be much quicker. I have a discount code hat I will send you.

  3. Hi there. That mandarin jam sounds wonderful. I had a go at making jam last year - it turned out OK, but I had to cook it for longer than the recipe called for too.
    I love Moo - I had some postcards printed off and will definitely be doing it again this year. I just need to try and take some more 'arty' photos.
    Sorry I can't help with the Dairy Free cake front - but, you could go and check out Siobhan's blog ( I'm sure she makes dairy free cupcakes using soya products.
    Hope your arm's getting better.
    Jill x