Saturday, 24 December 2011

The lead up....

It seems like such a long time ago that I posted on Like it or Lump it. The room is finished! ( well nearly, just a few minor bigots to do now). It was all a bit skin of the teeth as the painter put Dow his brush on Wednesday.
D, K and I rushed off to get a tree and what a brilliant one we found. Y was not really so impressed as it is huge. So far it has managed to fall over once, luckily no casualties found underneath but given the size of the tree it was probably a near miss.
As it was so late before we could put up said giant tree we decided to go for a smaller option in what has been christened the Mocha room. ( dining cum family lay about room). This one is a simple twiggy branch from the garden with a few blue lights and then only edible decs. Some cookies, a sprinkling of chocolate cones and of course the candy canes that K in particular loves. I suspect that small cousins may also like them a lot.
Back to the room. Thank you for all of your suggestions as to the colour scheme. In the end the colour kind of chose itself as we toned in with the new chair which arrived earlier in the week. The lower walls are an attractively named putty but above the picture rail and the radiators are (I think the word is) accented?
Anyway it all looks great and a million times better than the previous and very tired Magnolia woodchip.
I have sneaked down very early to write this and so will have to add the photos later. ( I'm on peeling duty for the sprouts and potatoes). D is determined to cook the Christmas dinner and so we have compromised a bit and said he can as long as he accepts some help as we have 9 people and a beautiful piece of venison courtisey of my dad and mum. Mmmmmmmm
Will be back soon as the chaos has subsided a bit.
Wishing each and every one of you a very happy Christmas xxxx

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas Helen.You sound as if you will have your work cut out coordinating it all. I can't wait for the photos!.xx