Sunday, 10 July 2011

Take a Deep Breath...

Thank you for all of your comments and support. D is fine, a little shaken but well enough to head off for Italy with the school band on Friday evening. A quick shopping trip and a few phone calls have stopped cards, replaced phones and the biggest casualty (from his point of view) was the fact that his Nando's loyalty card with nearly a whole chicken on it was taken.
My Mother-in-law may well take a little more time to shake off any guilt and worry, both about D (for which there is no need) and herself.  Apparently it has happened to her too although we were unaware of this. Seems to be what the local youth get up to for kicks.
On returning north I questioned last sightings of the hamster which I was assured had been alive and well that morning. Sadly no more. He was pretty old for a hamster and looked very peaceful if very dead.
To top it all my right arm has been cut off! (Metaphorically only I hasten to add!). L has decided that she can no longer fit us in to her admittedly very busy schedule! She was part friend, Part cleaner, part domestic do it all and will be very missed especially by yours truly. I'm not too sure how long it will take the rest of them to notice! I am going to admit to all things put in the bin, all things "lost" and all things tidied away. Oh well I suppose it couldn't last forever no matter how much I wanted it to. 10 years is a long time and I really have been very lucky to have had her here.
Things can only get better. The weather is obliging so far and we are heading out for dinner tonight as an early birthday treat.
I must apologise too as I haven't noticed until now that I have now posted over 100 blogs. I feel quite proud of myself but also a bit remiss in that I had planned to do a give-away as seems to be the custom. Instead I will do my give away at the start of the school holidays as a kind of summer treat.  Watch this space....

Now where next? Oh yes a couple of pictures from the very wet walk that K and I took the other day.....

I think we might have emptied wellies three or four times! Whose you may well ask? Well mine of course you wouldn't want to be getting your own boots wet now would you?...

As you can see things were a bit drippy......

See  you soon with give-away details....


  1. I'm glad to hear that D is fine and went on the band trip, my you have had a week of ups and downs.
    the photos of your rainy walk are fantastic, looking forward to hearing all about the giveaway!!!

  2. What a week you have had. The most important thing is that your son is OK.

    Your photos are going from strength to strength, amazing shots - you have real flair and imagination. Who knew that rain could look so beautiful.

  3. Echoing the sentiments re your photos - some brilliant shots there. Lovely to hear that you shall miss your "L"..... you see I am one and it is always nice to know that you are appreciated!

  4. Your blog is looking lovely as ever! Sorry it's been so long since I visited it and also sorry to hear about your son - hope he has a fab. time in Italy to make up for it.

  5. I'm here to say thanks for your comment & finding myself apologising for not being over... as you have had your ' plate full ' as they say.

    Lovely photographs xx

  6. What a great photo of wellies splashing in muddy puddles.