Thursday, 9 June 2011

Down South

As some of you will know, I have been away for the weekend. Thought you might like to know what I was up to. Well, Y and I went  down to The Scott 100 Conference in Plymouth. He was "Down" for 18months before I met him and so we were very keen to go along. It was brilliant! I met Robert Falcon Scott's grandson! Fame or what? There were lots of presentations and stands as you might expect but we also came across this pair...

They stayed dressed like this for the entire two days and must have been roasting as it was quite hot in the centre. I thought that they had been "Down" and were just showing off some of the old gear BUT.... No they had never been just very interested. And, here's the bit, they made everything themselves. Not one bit of what you see is real.

I escaped for one of the afternoons to explore Plymouth a little and came across this lady...

The best views were to be had from here. Go on take a look...
BUT please be careful as there are still pirates about...

Altogether the weekend was quite a whirl....

Finished off by going to collect my new computer and set it up, hence the delay in posting. Sorry folks but here is a last picture to keep you sweet.. A nectar leaking plant...


  1. I bet that conference was interesting, husband would have loved that. You are taking the most wonderful photos. I have pinched one for my screensaver.

  2. What fun. Love the Pirate's photo. x

  3. A very good weekend - hope posh dinner was good. Now your last photo is +++++

  4. Love the spiral photo and as for that last one: GORGEOUS!

  5. Thank you folks. Posh dinner was, well not that posh. Those that have gone"down" often forget the dressing-up bit! Also risotto for two of the courses, disappointing... maybe it was to remind everyone what it was like when rations were running low. x
    P.S, you are welcome re using photos as screen savers etc.