Monday, 30 May 2011

Weekend Wanderings

I spent very little of the weekend at home despite not being away in the true sense. On Saturday I was lucky enough to be taken to  Larch Cottage Nurseries at Melkinthorpe. We actually live quite nearby but I had never been before. This fantastic place is a cross between a gallery, a plant lover's dream, a restaurant and a statue emporium. Here are a very few of the highlights......

                                     How would you like this fellow to guard the garden?

                                    The rain failed to dampen the spirits of this poppy.

                                                           A new bird bath perhaps?

                                                                A new perspective....

A welcome stop at the stunning tea room before going on to visit some friends of the equine variety.......

                                          A bit wind blown up on the hill with the boss......

                                                   I'll scream and scream till I'm sick!.....

                        A moment of calm in a busy day.... More about today tomorrow in part two.


  1. WOW those photos! It looks a great place to visit, and it looks like you got some dry weather - have you pinched ours perchance?

  2. What a great shot of the poppy. Wouldn't you just love to leap down into it? Also loving the errant horse in your previous post...... my kind of horse........

  3. Weather eventually dried up at lunchtime on Sunday pretty wet before then though .

  4. Absolutely gorgeous lucky we never found that place (yet...) Paul would have bought that warrior straight away! He is splendid. The horse & flower pics are stunning. So lovely to read this post & glad you had a lovely long weekend xx