Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Brain Death

 This week I have spent three days at the university in Lancaster. Now, don't tell anyone but, usually the few days at uni are a bit of a doddle compared to work. Ok so you have to go to a few lectures and listen to  people doing their stuff. Some of these people are excellent and some not so good, BUT and this is the thing really, you do other stuff as well. This might include a nice lunch or two at the resturant. (They don't have cateens anymore), or a trip into town to wander around the shops. Us students get discounts too which is a real bonus, all that help with food and stationary as well as a myriad of other things that you may or may not need. However.....
This week it was physics. It was no more Mr. nice guy time it was....

                                   wave forms.
They look quite pretty but I think we are supposed to know about their frequency and stuff and not just judge on looks alone...

           Reflection and not the kind in the mirror when I was doing my hair.

           Focusing, but not the kind where you have trouble after too much to drink...
           Backing layers, but nothing to do with sewing.....

           Matching layers but not the kind where my cakes are a slightly wonky size......

           Beam steering but not when I have to get my butt into gear...


We have to learn all the formula as well and I can't even find the symbols on my keyboard or in extra symbols. It doesn't look good folks....


  1. Oh dear, I remember taking physics....argggh:(

  2. That brought back unpleasant memories of A levels.

  3. Brilliant!

    Never did Physics - now I know why!

    Did you find ATKINSONS? best tea and coffee in the world.

  4. Haven't found Atkinsons yet BUt we go back for another 3 days in June so there is still time. x

  5. It is further along the road from Waterstones. The shop smells gorgeous and is packed with lots of tea and coffee goodies.

    Went to a three day conference at Lancaster UNI many years ago, bit bleak in bad weather, still it has probably changed since then. Friends son is doing Geography there.

  6. Oh my god...brought back hideous memories of Physics at school...I just DO NOT have a scientific mind at all!Catching up with posts I've missed and good to have one from you. happy weekend xo Rachel

  7. You've lost me already ! My Physics teacher said I should consider taking Physics for O'Level. I did consider it for all of one nano second or something but didn't take it !!! ( was he totally mad ? I believe he was ! )

  8. Hi Helen, thanks for your wonderful comment over at my place. It made me smile ... I think you must be my soulmate! I thought I was the only one feeling that way. Sending you love too!