Thursday, 24 March 2011

It seems like quite a while since I last posted. Work seems to have got in the way. I still haven't decided about a colour scheme but no doubt it will all come together in the end.
I have been off work today. Well in the sense that I didn't leave the house at 8am. K has to provide cake for a sale at school this evening to help raise money for a connecting schools project. I'm sure most of you will understand that this means I have been baking......
Requests were made, but this is also an opportunity to try out something new......

I've attempted Martha Stewart's Hummingbird cupcakes with pineapple flowers and......

My own version of Nutella cakes with candied hazlenuts.....

Chocolate cake is always popular.....

And a grown up lemon sponge... just hope it all goes well and doesn't come back home!


  1. My goodness Helen those cakes are amazing - they look very professional.I know who to come to if we need party cakes!

  2. Sitting looking in awe at your cakes and wishing I could reach into the screen and help myself to one of the nutella ones with the glorious candied hazelnuts...........

  3. Sorry ladies... too late they've all gone. have to do it all again next week but will have to be more "keepable" things this time around

  4. Wow...your baking looks too good to eat. Just beautiful:)

  5. Wow, those cakes are incredible. I baked and cooked a lot when i was recovering last year, but haven't done anything nice since starting back at work. I've been sucked right back in, just as I knew i would. I'll have to do something nice in the Easter hols.
    Hope you are still feeling good!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Amazing cakes - you are clever!