Sunday, 13 February 2011

Getting Ready

It seems like ages since I've posted, in fact it was last weekend. Probably a long time in Blogland. But I've been getting ready...... Tomorrow is D day or should I say W day? I'm going back to work.....
It's all a bit wierd because with one thing and another over the last 16 months I've not been at work very much. When I was off at first I didn't like it one little bit. I missed my work, I missed all the people I work with and I missed being, well me...
But I think I've found a new me.... I like being at home. I like baking and pottering, well its better with two arms but all the same I have not missed work. not at all! Don't get me wrong though, I miss the people and my friends at the place called work just not the job. And so...... I am going back but to do less hours, yippee... a bit of both... some time at home and 3 days at work. I think it's called the work-life balance. Whatever, Hopefully it will last and I will not slide back in to doing everyday again... watch this space..
In the meantime I've had to get ready which has involved making lots of cake for various people....

The one above was for a friend's little girl and took a bit of working out as it had to be completely dairy free. It turned out ok though. can you spot the piece of knex holding the ribbons up?

The next was an adult girly one....... Possibly the roses need a bit more work...

And then of course I had the marmalade to do, I wouldn't want my dad to run out now would I?...
This weekend has been for much more mundane things like buying new work shoes and trousers . We have been given new tunics which is laughable really when we are supposed to be saving millions but there you go.
I'll post again after the big return. I'm only doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week so hopefully the balance will be right.


  1. Oh I know exactly how you feel about returning ... I started going back on a phased return at the end of November.... gradually leading up to 4 days a week since January. I loved being home too ... and I didn't miss work one little bit either!
    I'm back full time after half term... I'll be honest I found it a lot harder than I expected it to be. ... and I've done a lot of moaning. But on the bright side ... it proves that we are well enough to actually go to work!
    I'm sending you lots of good wishes for the weeks ahead. Take it very easy and one step at a time!!!! Don't tire yourself out!
    Lots of love Kathy xxx

  2. Good luck with work Helen...the cakes look amazing too. I can't make roses to save my life so am in total awe! Don't do too much too soon. Lots of love xoxo Rachel

  3. Oooh lovely looking cakes!!
    Is there any chance you could let me have your dairy free cake recipe as me and my daughter are both vegans and I don't have a good cake recipe.
    Em xxxxxx

  4. Good luck with returning to work. Cakes look wonderful and what a clever idea to use Knex for the ribbons! Ingenious!

  5. Wow - your cake creations look amazing. I wouldn't know where to start with how to decorate one.
    I wish you well with your return to work.