Thursday, 7 October 2010

There and back again (twice)

I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post. I have had a few problems uploading to the blog. So here goes I will try again....
The weekend saw us heading to Blenheim Palace to the Brompton World Championships. D and Y were entered into the race and we were all especially keen to go as  I had missed it last year as I was in hospital. (Excuses, excuses). K and I were going as crew which was stretching it a bit as neither of us know anything about bikes but we can do support. It all started off well I thought  offering to drive the first leg of the journey showed real team spirit. All went well until we reached Preston. We decided to stop for something to eat. I managed to stall the car at the roundabout and the there was the unmistakable smell of burning. That would be an oops then!.
This is what we did as we waited forth nice man from the AA.

When he arrive d he did that teeth sucking, shaking the head thing and arranged for us to be taken back to Carlisle.
Very very early the next day we arranged a hire car and set off again. But this time we made it with no mishaps.
The weather wasn't up to much, very wet and windy but we had a great time.
We sawa huge quantity of folding bikes.....

Lots of mad people racing. Some of them had dressed up and as the rules state no lycra most of the men were in business suits. Kind of ties in with the Brompton theme.

Unfortunately due to our delayed start we didn't get time to look around Blenheim Palace but it looks spectacular. We will just have to go back for another look..... Even the gates were way over the top as you can see below....

D finishing the race, dressed up of course and only one of three in the kilt...

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