Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bread and Verges.

I have been trying for quite a while now to get a sourdough starter going. It has failed miserably..... until now! First I gave up too early then I think I killed it off although I'm not sure how. BUT now we have one, a living breathing thing. AND on Tuesday we had our very first sourdough loaf. It is really very good, cetainly worth the wait. This is how it came along..........         
 First the Sponge. This smelt a bit like beer and was very sticky.

Then came the Dough, proper bread looking stuff. I quite surprised myself with this one.

  Then came the Loaf. How good is that?

Today, well stocked up on bread I have been have a bit of a poke around at some of the verges around about and here is what I've found.......

I know what some of them are but not all. There seems to be a bit of a pink theme going on. Must be the time of year. Hope to see you all again soon, sorry this one has taken so long.


  1. What a wonderful display if images! Lovely and I so want to stuff my face with that bread! Delish!

  2. Thankyou, still having trouble with the images though. I find it quite hard to put them where I want them and often it's just that'll have to do

  3. Yummilious looking bread you've got there Helen.

    You can't beat homemade bread, for smell or taste.

    Jill x

  4. Lovely pics Helen. Sour dough is fun isn't it? I made some a while ago but in the end we decided we liked my usual yeasated bread better.

  5. That loaf looks amazing - totally professional, it's not all weird and misshapen like some homemade loaves are!